Monday, March 29, 2010

Meet Melissa Jordan . . .

Melissa Jordan

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss

Location: Warsaw, IN

DOB: 4.17

Children: Bianca-6, Josiah-4, Adria 2, (Isabel-deceased, would be 3)

Husband: Bobby

Animals: None inside our house, outside we have way too many! 5 cats, 1 dog, 2 guinea cocks, 7 or 8 chickens, 10 Nigerian dwarf goats, 1 horse.

Name of Business: Melissa Jordan Photography

Website: Will be launching my official one soon right now, that is where I host my client galleries with smugmug.


Facebook: not for my business yet

Twitter: I signed up but I've forgotten my username already...


What's in your bag? (if you are building your bag, what do you desire for your bag?)

In- Nikon D90

50mm 1.8

30mm 1.4

85mm 1.8

80-200mm 2.8

sb600 speedlight

Desire- I'm hoping people start selling their D700's once the Nikon upgrades are released this spring, the only way I can afford this equipment right now is used. I would also love a REALLY wide angle lens 12-24 or something close to that.

What's your favorite editing software?

My favorite is PS Elements 7 because I know how to use it. I'm hoping to learn how to use lightroom well enough so that I can make that my new favorite. Honestly though, I really dislike editing, I like to take pictures not fix them.

Favorite Food: 

Mexican style tacos

Crusty french bread

Dark chocolate

Homegrown tomatoes with basil and feta

Favorite Color?   Green

A few of your favorite things:

Giant puffy clouds in a deep blue sky


Gourmet cupcakes

Sleeping in


The feel of my babies faces right after they wake up

Lake Michigan

What or who inspires you?

People who are motivated towards serving others instead of themselves.

Name something you just have to have everyday:


Grace of God

Not in that order...

Tell us all about your journey into the world of photography. When did you realize that this is what you wanted to do and why.

Photography has been something that I have loved since junior high. There were two photography classes offered at the college I went to and I took them both but they were mainly about the darkroom. Soon after college a friend of a friend started a photography business and I remember feeling jealous because she didn't have a degree in photography, which I thought was a necessary pre-requisite for people actually hiring you to take pictures of them. Then about two and a half years ago I wrote a list of some goals I had at the time, one was to "get back into photography" (I didn't know how to utilize my point and shoot and I hadn't used my film slr in years). A year after that, I e-mailed a photographer friend and asked him if he knew anyone that was selling a really good digital camera, it just so happened that he was. My husband would only allow me to spend that much money on a camera if I would start a business, so I did it. The first thing I did was offer a day of very inexpensive mini-sessions for Christmas portraits to a mom's group that I'm a part of and I've had a handful of paying clients since then but it's been tough getting my name out there.

If you already have a photography business please tell us about it, type of photography you do, how long you have been doing it, etc...

I do on location, natural light portraits. Babies, children, families, graduates, pregnancy. I would like to start shooting weddings, I actually booked my first one for this coming August!

Who is your favorite photographer that you follow and why?

I don't think I can pick just one! I love Me Ra and Jasmine Star.

I have some photographers that I know in real life and I adore their work too. She was my best friend from 7th grade until sometime in college and I love that we have reconnected again through photography. I went to college with her (the above mentioned that I was jealous of) I love her fun and funky syle! We went to the same school growing up but she was a year younger and we didn't know eachother well and we went to college together. I love the natural beauty in her images. I went to college with him too, I love the things he does with off camera flash and he's an amazing videographer.

Besides photography, what else do you do , i.e. work, domestic engineer, volunteer?

I stay home with my kids, my oldest is in kindergarten this year so she is gone for three hours everyday. I volunteer on the photo team at my church. I lead a discussion group within a larger group of moms that meets twice per month.

What are some of your other hobbies and/or things that you like to do besides photography?

I love acting, I wish I lived in a city that had more opportunities to audition for shows. I love to cook gourmet meals, cooking everyday meals- not so much. I aspire to become a gourmet cupcake baker. So far, I've only had one success and about 5 fails. I like to have good conversations over coffee, does that count as a hobby?

Do you have any other businesses that you are incorporating and/or combining in your photography business or that is separate other than photography?


If there is one thing in the world that you would like to change, what would that be and why?

I had to think long on this one, it's hard to pick just ONE. I'm a Christian though, and the most important thing in my life is my choice to follow Jesus Christ. He desires a relationship with every human being and as his follower I want to love people the way that he loves them. I would want every man, woman and child to accept his gift of salvation and to walk in the fullness of life that only he can offer.

Name three things you would like to do before you die?

Have long term healthy relationships with the people I love.

Live without fear

Travel through Europe

List three goals you would like to accomplish in 2010:

Take my photography business to the next level and maybe the next after that...

Spend more quality time with my husband and kids

Pursue "real" relationships with people around me

Please tell us about the photos you are submitting and why they are your favorites.

One of my kids because, well how could I not pick one of them? They are my favorites!

A pregnancy portrait from last summer because I love this time in a woman's life.
I love that she's usually feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious and huge then
she sees the pictures of herself and realizes how beautiful she really looks.

Two little boys at their house from last fall. I love the personality in this picture,
I tend to gravitate towards pictures that show personality all the time, they speak to me.
 For some reason I love the pictures I take of newborns and daddy's so
much more than with their mom's. This one just pulls my heartstrings.
Thank you Melissa for participating in theSpotlight.  I wish you the best of luck
with your photography business this year!  You are so sweet and kind and I love your photos! 


  1. I see you live in Indiana like we do...We live in the Southern Indiana, close to Louisville, KY. Your photos are beautiful!


  2. How cool that you have a photo team at your church. We have several photographers, but no official team. We love to use photography as an act of worship though, which is why we started
    And I LOVE that last picture of the baby with its daddy. Very nice!!!