Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Nicky Peterson . . .

Nicholle Peterson. {Nickname is Nicky}

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future….”   Jeremiah 29:11

Location: Vacaville , CA

DOB: 7/18

Children: None

Husband: None

Animals: None

Contact Info:

Name of Business:

This is a tough one! No official name. Nicholle Peterson {designer photographer artist} is in my logo.

Website: A work in progress. Always!

Blog: Wordpress address is forwarding to above mentioned domain.



Email: (working on getting up and running)

What's in your bag? (if you are building your bag, what do you desire for your bag?)

Canon 30D

Canon 50mm (Knifty Fifty)

Canon 85mm (not sure but POSITIVE it’s not the 1.2 J

Canon 70 - 200

Sigma 17 – 70

Sigma 70 - 300

Canon 480 ex Flash

Gary Fong – Puffer and Lightsphere

What's your favorite editing software?

Lightroom 2 (waiting for new computer before upgrading to LR3

Favorite Food:

I have a love hate relationship with food. I have pre-diabetes and am ALWAYS trying to lose weight! Unfortunately I really like sugar.

General answer: Italian

Favorite Color:

 Any and all shades of blue! (I HATE pink J )

A few of your favorite things?

Listening to the crashing waves, sand between my toes. Any and all APPLE products! My iPhone, iPad (I won it from The Balancing Act on Facebook), Powerbook G4 which is ALWAYS too full for my next round of photo’s to be uploaded!)

What or who inspires you?

People who are happy in life that have overcome something hard! I have a hard time dealing with sadness. Life is so full of it! I am always looking for ways to cope! Seeing people who have lost loved ones or survived cancer living life with smiles on their faces. I know that the pain is still there but they choose to live life. There are so many things that we can be thankful for even when we are hurting. Having the ability to still live is such an important attribute!

Name something you just have to have everyday:

My iPhone (I hate to admit that)

Tell us all about your journey into the world of photography. When did you realize that this is what you wanted to do and why.

I remember being young and always drawn to my moms photo albums. The kind that has “magnetic” pages. Why are they called magnetic? They are STICKY!! I really loved one in particular. She had the grades at the top from K to 12. Each kids school picture was on the pages. You could see each of us at the same age. It was really cool! When I was 10 I would use my mom’s 35mm camera to just go and play! When I was 12 she bought me my first camera! It was a 110! (Oh man! I am getting old!) I took my camera EVERYWHERE! I was really involved in my youth group and took it to summer camp and to school!

In high school I took two years of photography. I has so much fun making a camera out of a bandaid box! I loved the darkroom! I was so amazed at what I could create! I learned so much about b&w photography! Then school got out and I went to college in Denver . I always had a small p&s. 35mm, Advantix, my grandpa’s old SEARS 35mm.

I was always the one in the group with the camera! I could be quite annoying but I loved giving framed prints as gifts. I also loved to scrapbook!

A friend had the Canon Digital Rebel and let me borrow on a trip to Disneyland ! (What a trusting friend) I fell in LOVE!! I decided to start saving! I knew that I really wanted to do something with photography. I am also that person who HATES when something I buy is outdated 2 days later. (I know that technology is EVER changing and I LOVE that. BUT 2 days? 5 months is ok!) I decided I wanted the 20D. While saving up the 30D was introduced. I WAS so happy to have a camera that had just been released!

I love that you can capture a moment and relive that moment over and over! I love that we are leaving behind our legacy for the generations behind us. Pictures we take today are all that our family members are going to have of us. (Besides our old used things.) I love the emotion I see when I look at beautiful pictures. Beautiful locations. I am so thankful that I get to see beautiful sunsets or beautiful beaches from across the world.

If you already have a photography business please tell us about it, type of photography you do, how long you have been doing it, etc...

I have a hard time saying I have a business. I have a logo that took me MONTHS to design, a name (kinda), a website that I just finally got up 2 weeks ago.

In February of 2006 I was talking to a friend who needed a photographer for a mother-daughter event she was having. She encouraged me, and asked me to photograph her event! So I bought the camera 2 weeks before her event! I have mostly shot friends and family! I really struggle with the business side of things! Working full-time and being so involved in church keeps me busy!

Who is your favorite photographer that you follow and why?

I have so many! I am inspired by Tara Whitney! I love her real-ness! I love her photojournalistic style!

I love Me Ra’s story. The things she has overcome! WOW! Such an inspiration!

Justin and Mary Marantz are amazing! Jasmine Star and her zest for learning and willingness to share is so awesome!

My friend Sharon is truly an inspiration! We used to scrapbook together. We both had advantix camera’s and both loved taking pictures! I have seen her grow so much! She is so smart and learns so quickly! She has attended two of Me Ra’s workshops and just watching her journey is such an inspiration. I love her style! Her personality! Her faith!

Besides photography, what else do you do , i.e. work, domestic engineer, volunteer?

I work for Meyer Corporation as a Marketing Logistics Coordinator! Meyer makes pots and pans! Anolon, Circulon, Rachael Ray, KitchenAid, Paula Deen, Food Network, Pampered Chef…

I serve (volunteer) at First Christian Church in Suisun City . I have attended for over 24 years!

What are some of your other hobbies and/or things that you like to do besides photography?

I LOVE crafting! I see something and think “I can do that!”



Scrapbooking / Card Making

Hangin out with friends

Going to the beach

Spending time serving God

Do you have any other businesses that you are incorporating and/or combining in your photography business or that is separate other than photography?

My graphic design skills. Storyboards. Invitations. Announcements. Christmas Cards. Wall Art. Logos.

If there is one thing in the world that you would like to change, what would that be and why?

I would love there to be a cure for all of the horrible diseases out there! Cancer & Lupus to name a few.

Name three things you would like to do before you die?

Go to B&H’s store front in New York ! J I have always wanted to go to New York . A visit to the GIANT superstore will be one of my stops!

Get married

Learn to surf in the warm oceans of Hawaii

List three goals you would like to accomplish in 2010:

I would love to lose the first 50 lbs. on my journey to be at a healthy BMI.

Have my branding and website completely done and ready.

Figure out the perfect workflow for me! (Computer, EHD, website and portfolio files, client files, images)

Please tell us about the photos you are submitting and why they are your favorites.

This first picture just makes me so happy! This is my best friends son and husband! I love it! It may not be the most technically perfect picture but the fun you see is real!!

This next picture was taken during what San Francisco calls an Indian Summer. October in SF. Clear skies! Unlike summer in SF. Lots of fog in summer months! I love living where I do! So close to the city! I love this bridge and this beach!

I am kinda cheating here with this last one. More then one picture here. I created this collage for a funeral program. My best friend's father-in-law passed away suddenly nine months after we did this photo shoot. It reiterated how important family pictures are to me! During such a sad time I was so thankful that we have these pictures.

The picture of me {top of page} is after climbing the tallest hill I have ever climbed! I ended up hiking 4.5 miles at the end of this day! I went on a photography and wild flower hike at Lynch Canyon and had a GREAT time! I was so nervous going somewhere where I didn’t know anyone and being alone. I really had a great time! I was so proud of myself for not quitting!


Thank you Nicky for participating in the Spotlight!  It was such a pleasure to read more about you and learn what a beautiful person you are!  I love your photos that you shared with us.  I wish you happiness, peace and the best with EVERYTHING!


  1. Love this Nicky. My first camera was a 110 also. I took it with me everywhere :)
    And I checked out your blog. Your logo is really nice. Great job!

  2. Nicky! Love this... so awesome to learn even more about you. Can't wait to shoot with you!!

  3. Loved to read about your story Nicky :)
    Had a lot of fun with you on our trip to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk....and hey my first camera was a 110 too. I bought it myself at 12 years old with my babysitting money!